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Harshajyoti Das is an Author, Entrepreneur, and the CEO at Munmi IT Solutions LLP (a Facebook re-targeting company). He has written 6 back-to-back bestsellers and is currently writing 2 more books. He is available for talks, workshops, and interviews. He is also the founder of FireYourMentor.com (a platform for self-published authors).

He is currently writing, The Art Of Book Marketing For Self-Published Authors. Apply to become a beta reader at http://Book-Marketing.org

He has 7 years of experience as an internet marketer and has consulted over 1000 businesses since 2010.



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CEO at Munmi IT Solutions LLP: Munmi.org

Founder of: FireYourMentor.com



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Praises For Be The Genius You Were Born To Be

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By Lucinda K. Rost 

Quick read packed full of great tips to connecting with your real genius

Way to go Harsh! The energy you exude is evident in this informative, quick read guide to being the real genius we are all meant to be. Yu provided great tips that we can apply immediately. Great stories which generate inner thought and application. It’s hard to believe you’re a techy when you tap so deeply into the right brain. Thanks for your insights and most generous offer. I’m looking forward to the next two iterations. You WILL write that best seller!

By Maggie

Motivational – a Life changer if followed!

A highly motivational book, that totally inspires you to look at your own life, a long long look in fact and see where you can make changes. I have read the book, made notes and am going for a second read! I have made so many changes to my life already. I congratulate the author on this well written and totally motivational book. A 5 star rating is a must and I highly recommend this book to those who wish to change their lives forever.


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3no seo

By James Irwin

Use These Reliable Traffic Sources

When I first started with websites I have to say that trying to learn SEO almost made me throw in the towel more than once. There was so much changing so fast that I did everything I could from spending hundreds of dollars on links, article marketing to countless other methods. All a waste of time and money in the end.

I found the strategies inside No Seo Forever to be the ones that worked the best for me at the stage my website was at. The most important aspect of the entire process is mastering the art of outsourcing it all. You can drive a lot of traffic to your website using the techniques inside but will never have time to actually work on your business if you spend all your time doing everything yourself.

By Richard D

Read from start to finish right after buying!

I read this book in its entirety right after I purchased it! I initially planned to take a quick look at a bit of first chapter, but right after I began – I had to keep reading. There is a lot of great information for getting traffic without relying solely on search engines. It is well laid out and flows from one topic to the next. Even if SEO never goes anywhere, the ideas in this book will prove to complement any SEO efforts you start. I really enjoyed this book. I will be referencing it continually, with all my projects.

Praises For How To Write Content That Converts 600% More

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wc3on book

By Christian Gale Jr

Hats off to this book!

Hats off to this book for providing so much value. At the end of the book author says: “I have tried to offer as much knowledge as possible with this little book” – that’s a lie. This book is not “little”, actually it’s very long for this price if you ask me and every chapter contains really useful information. There were some things I knew before, but it took me some time to digest all the advice and things I had no idea about. That was a huge and nutritious portion. Chapters are short, straight to the point, books contains no sales pitch or fluffs, there’s a bulletpoint conclusion at the end of each chapter – the bottomline’s being- it’s a great book and I’d recommend it to everyone who’s in the e-commerce business (or wants to be). Kudos!

By Stuart Powell

This is an Amazing book by Harshajyoti Das. It’s such an eye opener. After reading this book, I have realized that I was loosing 90% of my visitors or so called ‘potential customers’. I wasn’t doing anything to capture them. Let alone, an opt in form, I didn’t even have a newsletter. The 75 tips mentioned in this book took me some time to implement but the 5-10 tips I tried changed the whole game for me.